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Powerhouse Women in NRCS

Powerhouse Women of the SW Area of India
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One of our members, Morgan Devine, wrote a great article highlighting some of the women employees in SW Indiana. The districts in that area formed a collaboration that they call the "Fab-5" and of these 5 counties, 4 of the District Conservationists are women.

I wanted to share this because I talk about representation and the importance of representation, no only on the AANHPI front, but also with gender as well. I've found a lot of inspiration from AANHPI female leaders in my career and I know that they are not only inspiring the AANHPI community, but they're inspiring women in all of USDA.

I recommend you read this article and remind yourselves of intersectionality between all demographics when it comes to representation, equity and inclusivity.

Thank you,

Han Nguyen

APIO President

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