APIO National Council


Executive Board

President - Han Nguyen

Name: Han Nguyen
Title: Supervisory District Conservationist
Office: Atwood, Kansas
Phone: (785) 626-3149 ext. 335

Email: Han.Nguyen@usda.gov


Han Nguyen is a Florida native and has worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Service since 2010. He has worked as a soil conservationist in Yuba City, CA and is now the supervisory district conservationist in Atwood, KS. Han has served as the western region representative before becoming president of APIO.


In his spare time, he loves to go traveling, hiking, and smoking meat. A few of his favorite shows include Derek, Parks and Recreation and Casual.

Vice-President - Yuri Plowden

Name: Thomas Tran
Title: Soil Conservationist
Office: Sisseton, SD
Phone: (605) 698 - 7639 Ext. 3

Email: thomas.tran@usda.gov

Thomas Tran got a major in Environmental Science at University of Washington in March 2008. After graduation, he started his conservation career on September 14, 2008 as a biologist career intern for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. On October 7, 2012, his title was changed from a biologist to a soil conservationist. 

Thomas grew up on a small farm in South Vietnam, where the majority of its agriculture was rice plantation. In contrast, in South Dakota where he is currently working, people plant mostly soybeans, corns, and wheat in their farming operations.


He would like to travel and move to other states to learn about their agriculture and challenges in the near future. He is currently looking for any detail opportunities in other states. He always wants to learn and explore new things.


He and his family came to the United States in 1996, and he did not know any English and American cultures at the time. It was tough for him to fit in and got assimilated in American cultures at first.


However, he has been received a lot of assistance and mentorship to be able to become what he is today. He is very grateful and appreciated for those who had helped and have been helping him. He believes it is his turn now to help others. He has been working and supporting the diversity workforce in our agency by outreaching to the minority population and working with our leaders to reduce barriers so that the minority people will have a better chance to compete. That’s why he decided to run for the Asian American Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program Manager in South Dakota in 2011 and got elected for the position. Now he is elected for the Asian Pacific Islander Organization (APIO) Northern Plains regional representative because he believes that the more network and partnership he builds will benefit both the APIO community and the agency as a whole. 


He loves sightseeing and travelling to different states and other countries. In his spare time, he likes gardening, watches movies, and explores and learns more about Buddhism.

 Treasurer - Erin Taylor

Name: Erin Taylor
Title: Soil Conservationist
Office: Eureka, CA
Phone: (707)832-5597

Email: Erin.Taylor@ca.usda.gov


Erin Taylor Bio coming soon!

Executive Vice-President - Vacancy




Article X – Nomination and Elections


Any member of the organization seeking the office of Executive Vice President & Regional Representative shall file and intention to run in writing with the Elections Committee 90 days prior to election.

Secretary - Pa Yang

Name: Pa Yang
Title: District Conservationist
Office: Yuba City, CA

Email: pa.yang@usda.gov


Bio coming soon!

National Council Advisor

Sudhakhar Sriparameswaran

Name: Sudhakhar Sriparameswaran
Title: Branch Chief
Office: Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-509-3260



Sudhakhar Sriparameswaran Bio coming soon!

Regional Representatives

East - Vacant

Midwest - Anand Hase

Name: Ha Nguyen
Title: Engineer
Office: Gainesville, FL

Email: ha.nguyen@usda.gov


Bio coming soon!

Northern Plains - Tyler Tran

Name: Tyler Tran
Title: Soil Conservationist
Office: Hayti, SD

Email: tyler.tran@usda.gov


Bio coming soon!

Name: Anand Hase
Title: District Conservationist
Office: Greenfield, IA
Phone: (641) 343 - 7033

Email: anand.hase@usda.gov


Bio coming soon!

Pacific Islands Area - Jenny Johnston

Name: Jenny Johnston
Title: Engineer
Office: Kahului, HI

Email: jennifer.johnston@usda.gov

Bio coming soon!

Pacific Islands Area West - Vacant

Name: Ha Nguyen

Title: Engineer

Office: Gainesville, FL


Email: ha.nguyen@usda.gov


West - Phuong Ly

Name: Phuong Ly
Title: Soil Conservationist
Office: Bakersfield, CA
Phone: (661) 281 - 2742

Email: phuong.ly@usda.gov

Bio coming soon!

South - Ha Nguyen



Bio coming soon!

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